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Nursery Admission 2024-2025
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Principal's Message

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"(Sirach 1:4)

Dear parents,

The past year was indeed an eventful year for us with the pandemic situations changing our outlook towards life, work, studies and social interactions. We are grateful to God who kept us fit and fine and helped us to face the challenges of the present times. We welcomed the new year with gratitude, new expectations, hopes and optimism. As we begin this year pandemic is once again taking its turn and affecting the life of everyone in every sphere of life. We are aware that students are the worst affected section of the society during this pandemic, as they have lost an important portion of their childhood years at school, which has affected their social and emotional development. We as adults need to assist them to cope up with these situations in our family and at school.

We are faced with innumerable challenges to overcome. This is the time we as parents and teachers have a great role in mentoring our children, monitoring their learning and outcomes, motivating them to return to the regular classes, providing constant and continuous encouragement and assistance in their learning activities at home through various digital platforms. It is a collaborative effort for equipping our children to face the world, to face the future with confidence. Your accompaniment is the most valuable thing for them today along with the teachers guidance and support. According to Bob Beauprez,

“Education is shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.” We also believe that each child is unique. We seek parents’ support to know more about the child, so that we can work together on the child’s strengths and help him/her in the journey to discover himself/herself. I also want the children to be passionate about their dreams and we will be the wind beneath their wings as they soar to achieve them. I wish to empower our children with the courage to continue believing in themselves even in the face of adversity. The school also works to provide encouragement and impetus to the children for self growth and help them experience sense of achievement and joy.

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