The untimely and tragic demise of our beloved teacher Mrs. Anita Gupta has stirred our memory to those blissful moments shared with her, with her charismatic persona she ever – curious attitude interested her students in her class – room interactions. Her silent but meticulous demeanour

Made her a favourite one among staff and the students, her caring and of loving nature touched the lives of student which unshielded a positive attitude in them not only to the English subject, she taught but also to life to be departed. We pay our humble tribute soul extend our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

Mrs. Gupta secured the institution in many capacities. She was the Hod of the English deptt., a home mistress, class teacher etc. Her flair for the English language and systematic ways of recording events entrusted her with the responsibilities of writing the Annual report of the school for many years.

Her interaction and relationship with the management and staff weaved a web that bound us together in the highs and lows of life. One can remember with a smile her mild chidings for our careless ways and her bubbling enthusiasm for implementing new techniques and skills in teaching. Her students remember with love her continuous anxiety for their welfare. One can only say ‘A life that made an imprint which has etched a mark on all whom she cared in contact with.


Mrs. Neelam Chadha: A very religious, simple, warm hearted person, dedicated teacher, caring mother & a devoted daughter. Most of the mornings in the school corridor we used to stand and talk about ‘Prayers’ & its power. She always enlightened and impressed me with her own way of life and faith in prayers. May her soul rest in peace and pray to almighty to give strength to Gupta family to bear this this huge Loss.

Mrs. Aradhana Paul: Its a great loss to loose a good teacher and a good human being. May god grant peace to her Mam Anita’s soul and courage to Gupta Family.

Mrs. Cordilia D’souza: A gentle noble soul. May God grant her eternal rest.

Mrs. Anupama Samal: Our Beloved Anita Mam. You’ll always remain in our memories. May the Almighty grant you eternal peace.

Mrs. Tamanna Khanduja: May god rest her soul and bless her family in this hour of Grief.

Mrs. Minal Anand: A soft spoken, gentle, loving, caring and good hearted person who will always continue to be in our heart and will be remembered by every Anthonian.

Mrs. Sushila Sikka: I remember her as a silent, perfectionist, approachable, master in her subject, God fearing and down to earth person. She will remain in the heart of every student staff and the parent who came in touch with her.

Mrs. Papia Ghosh: A teacher who touched the hearts of every child with her love and care. A dedicated soul, God fearing person. Will miss her advices and way of teaching.

Mrs. Geetha Nair: A noble soul always in our hearts. We will miss you. We immensely miss your physical presence. But your memories are etched deep in our hearts. AS SURE AS THE SUN RISES GODS LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU.

Mrs. Nandini Tangri: She was a teacher in the sure sense who mastered the standards through constant care. Her persistent ways steered our actions to be prompt and perfect. We Will miss you Gupta Mam.

Mrs. Raj Bala Dalal: She was very dedicated towards her profession, was a god fearing lady. Donated every month some amount of money for the needy in one home for the destitute. Felt it was her duty to go and spend time with the person who had faced the loss of her/his near or dear one was humane.

Mrs. Elizabeth Reji Mathai: Cherished memories unfold as I remember her fondly. A person always willing her best and to whom I could approach for assistance. A perfectionist who always contributed for the overall development of a child.

Mrs. Subhra Bhattacharya: She would ensure that she stuck to the right path, till her last breath, through constant perseverance and undeviating discipline. A teacher in true sense who nurtured the student’s career through constant grace and care.

Mrs. Sri Kala Vasudevan Nair: A light that lighted the life of others, Never said no to any favours asked. Accepted responsibilities with grace. We will remember you always.

Mrs. Reesha Nair: A sincere professional, Hard task master, your guidance valuable, your passion to work admirable. You were my guide and philosopher, May God bless your soul. Rest In peace.

Ex. Teacher Mrs. Mookhu: She was a sincere, hardworking and sensitive colleague who was a woman of truth in her action and words. She was an inspiration to all co Workers and students. My prayers and thoughts are with all who loved her. May her soul rest in peace.

Mrs. Jaya Uthaman She had immense knowledge in English. She had a good relationship with everyone. Her absence will always remain as a void in our hearts. Our Heartfelt condolence to the members of the Family.

श्रीमती विजय शर्मा: तुम्हारा जीवन एक प्रकाश की तरह था जो सदैव अपने चारों ओर केवल प्रकाश ही प्रसारित करता था |

श्रीमती राजदीप कौर तेजी : आप सेंट एंथोनी स्कूल की वाटिका का वो फूल हैं ए जो सदैव सुगंधित करता रहेगा |


A Teacher is a candle that spreads light and that is true for you Anita Gupta Mam you passed on that light to us. When you came to teach, the inspiration provided by you help us to gain wisdom, you were patient with us always like a mother standing by us your face had a heavenly bless like a white dove from above. All that we can say is you are precious in our eyes and honoured we salute your contributions and we will always love you.


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