Examination & Norms of Promotions

There will be 2 terminal examinations and 2 unit tests besides weekly tests in the primary section.

Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The CBSE has introduced the new grading system CCE and it has been adopted for all the classes. This will provide a holistic profile of the students through regular assessment of both. Scholastic and Co scholastic aspect of development. This has merely been done to remove the stress of studies on the students. The assessment of a student will not be only for academics but for other abilities and qualities also.

The CCE card has been divided into three parts and each part consist of various sub parts. Part-I-Comprises of evaluation of scholastic achievements in the report card.

The entire academic year will be divided in two terms having two Formative Assessments (FA) and one Summative Assessment (SA).

For classes VI-X the weightage is as follows:

1st Term FA1 10
FA2 10
SA1 30
2nd Term FA3 10
FA4 10
(for class X SA2-BC)
Final Result 100

Part 2 - Co-Scholastic Areas will assess students for Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Art, Attitudes and Values. The students will be assessed on 5 point grading scale.

Part 3 (A) - Co-Scholastic Activities consist of Literacy and Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Information and Technology, Organizational and Leadership Skills (Clubs) (any two of these will be assessed on 5 point scale).

Part 3 (B) - Health and Physical Activities Sports, Gymnastics, Yoga, Swimming, First Aid, Scouting and Guiding, Gardening/ Shramdaan (any of these two will be assessed on a 5 point scale)


  • All Assessment pertaining to the academic status of the students will be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades.
  • Students found using unfair means during Weekly Test or Semester Examinations will be marked zero in that subject.
  • Students must not absent themselves from Class Test, Assignments or any activity .These are as important as the Summative Assessment under the CCE.
  • For class X there will be a compulsory pre-board examination in the month of January.
  • Board Examination for class X will be held in the month of March.
  • Examination in the third language (Sanskrit) will be held in March for class VIII. The new entrants who have not passed the examination must ensure that they do so before appearing for the Board Examination.
  • Pupils absent from an examination for any reasons will not be re-examined.
  • Absence from one or two subject involves loss of marks for these subjects and excludes the pupil from merit certificate. 85% attendance is a must for promotion to the next class.
  • Wilful breach of any of the regulations, pertaining to the conduct of examination is punishable, with expulsion from the examination, or if subsequently discovered, with the cancellation of the paper.
  • Result declared at the end of the year is final in all cases and will not be reconsidered, nor will the answer papers be shown.
  • A pupil failing twice in the same class will have to discontinue his/her studies in the school.
  • Non-formal semester Examination will be held for class I, ll students. They will be assessed on the basis of the weekly tests and their involvement in various activities.

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